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Pets Collection

Pets Collection gathers publications focused on the tutors of dogs and cats who have many stories to tell. Each book brings questions that little by little remind the reader about the most important memories connected to his pet and the day to day with him. Besides, it offers space for personal notes, photos and drawings, showing how special his pet is.

It consists of four titles: My kitten and me!, My puppy and me!, My girl kitten and me! and My girl puppy and me!

About the author

Heloisa Hernandez do Nascimento

Editor graduated at the University of São Paulo (USP) and designer, specialising in visual arts at Elisava and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Having worked for more than fifteen years in the publishing market, in 2020 she developed the Biographical Books project, telling people’s life stories in different visual and narrative formats, with the main objective of rescuing memory, strengthening relationships of affection and celebration of life.

The Pets collection is dedicated to everyone who considers their pets as part of the family and has had unforgettable moments with them.

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